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Appointments available:

9 am - 7 pm

Speech Therapy Services at School

Clinique Nexus offers the convenience and affordability of  speech language therapy support to students attending public, montessori and private schools in greater Montreal.   School administrators and parents are welcome to contact us to arrange for the provision of speech therapy services at school.  

We provide school based speech-language therapy services, and consult with parents and school professionals.  School based speech therapy services are available in both French and English to support students who are experiencing difficulties with any of the following:

  • unclear speech
  • stuttering
  • voice
  • social skills
  • language comprehension
  • expressive communication
  • reading at grade level
  • reading comprehension
  • written language
  • learning 
  • attention and focusing

For further information about services available at school, contact Clinique Nexus at : (514) 641 1855 or

Insurance Reimbursable Speech Therapy.

Speech Therapy at Home or School

Orthophonie à Domicile, 
 à l'école ou la Garderie

Speech Therapy at Your  

Home, School or Daycare

​       (514) 641-1855