Successful communication involves the ability to hear a message, process the information, formulate a response and deliver it in a socially appropriate manner. Our team of experienced, speech-language therapists work with children from one year through adulthood to achieve all aspects of this process.

Clinique Nexus offers a range of high quality speech therapy services individually tailored to meet the needs of children and adults in Montreal and surrounding regions.  Our speech-language pathologist treat children from age 4 and up.  For added convenience, we provide speech language assessment and therapy services at the client's home, daycare, school or office, in a location that is comfortable and conducive to a successful therapy experience.   

We provide therapy in the following areas:

speech delay / articulation delay
motor speech disorders
expressive language delay
receptive language delay
reading / literacy skills
written language
learning disabilities
social communication skills
accent reduction

Our practice is founded on the principle that each client is unique and requires a therapy plan that is client and parent friendly.   To support and maximize progress between sessions our speech therapists provide parent coaching and practice materials and also consult with other professionals involved in the client's care.  By using evidence-based practices, and a client-centered approach, our therapists strive to help our clients achieve maximal success.  We aim to do this by offering therapy to our clients in the comfort and convenience of the home, school, day care, long term care or office setting, inclusive services that support the client, as well as their care-givers and family members;  and quality services that are functional in nature and supported by research.

Parents are advised to contact a licensed speech language pathologist for an assessment when they have concerns about their child's ability to understand language, speak clearly, express their ideas and feelings, speak fluently, interact appropriately with others, or meet reading, literacy and academic expectations.   A doctor's referral or medical diagnosis is not required.  Upon completing the assessment, your speech therapist will provide advice regarding the need for treatment.

For a complimentary phone consultation or to schedule an appointment in the comfort of your home, please contact us at:

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